What to expect before and after nose job

Have you been thinking about getting a “nose job”, also known as rhinoplasty?  If so, then you know that it is no small decision.   The aim of this post is to get you comfortable with what to expect before and after a nose job. 

The process begins many months before the nose job itself. In the months before the nose job surgery, the most important thing to do is to become educated.  This typically means visiting with multiple surgeons and discussing different options and proposals for your case.  The reason for this is that no two surgeons will perform an identical procedure, even to get the same exact result.    Not only that, but one important aspect of the process is your relationship with the surgeon.  Find someone who you feel comfortable communicating with.  Ask them about viewing their before and after nose job results, specifics on how he or she performs various procedures, potential problems specific to your case, and any and all questions you may have.  Make sure they set aside enough time for your consult to get your questions answered.

In the days before the surgery, it is important to prepare mentally for the day of surgery.  Plan your meal for the night before surgery.  Remember you will have to fast before your surgery, so make it a good one! Plan your surgery day outfit, which should be comfortable and importantly wear a button-down shirt so you don’t have to worry about bumping your nose with clothing.   Make preparations to have a chaperone for the day of surgery since many offices and surgery centers will require this.  Ask about what medications you will need, whether you will need to stop any medications you currently take, when you can take a shower after surgery, and any other specifics.  Ask about any questions you have regarding the surgical plan.  Get everything out of the way so that you feel ready for the surgery. That way once surgery is over you can focus on one thing and one thing only – recovery.

On the day of surgery, remember to relax.  Wash your face in the morning with antibacterial soap so your face is squeaky clean.  If any anxiety sets in, remember that you did your homework and that you are ready.   Last minute questions are always allowed.  You will meet with nurses, anesthesiologists, your surgeon, and plenty of other staff whose sole purpose is to take care of you and make sure you do great.  Then you will be escorted to the operating room, given IV medication, and then go off to sleep.  At this point all these professionals will be hard at work keeping you safe and creating a more functional and/or beautiful nose!

After nose job surgery, you will experience some pain and discomfort.  This is normal.  Take a deep breath and remember that it is all part of the healing process.  Try to relax and take it easy and get comfortable, ideally with the help of some supportive friends or family members.  Don’t relax too much though – it is actually very important to remain active after nose job surgery to keep your lungs inflated and to gently speed up the recovery and healing process.  Do your normal chores and activities around the house, anything that does not require heavy lifting or straining too much.  Take care of your nose in the manner you discussed previously with your surgeon.  Once your dressings are removed you are on your way to your own before and after rhinoplasty photos! 

These are just some of my favorite tips for navigating before and after nose job surgery.  Make sure you discuss these details in depth with your surgeon to come up with a game plan. 

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