Manhattan Rhinoplasty: The Dr. Dibelius Difference

Manhattan Rhinoplasty is a premier facial plastic surgery practice in NYC. Dr. Dibelius explains why. 

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My name is Gregory Dibelius, I’m a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon in New York City. Anything that we do on the face, so especially, facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, anything that we do there is just so visible to the patient, and then, forms a lot of the identity the patient has with the outside world. And if I’m able to do something that’s very specialized, and very few people have the ability to do, and I’m able to provide a good outcome and make them happy, it’s a really special thing to be able to do. More and more, your typical doctor visit, you go to the eye doctor or something, you’re just kind of shuffled in and out. And I’ve just seen that in so many different places. And I think, for this, I really want my practice to be like a place where your questions can be answered, where you feel comfortable asking them, and you get a lot of education.


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We actually want to show you something today.


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We pulled a review from your RealSelf profile. Our thought is we don’t always get time to kind of sit with these. We just wanted you to take a moment to reflect on it.


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Quote says, “My experience with Dr. Dibelius was beyond expectations. He never made me feel like he was in a rush, and truly cares about your results and your opinion.” So, I think that that really speaks to the fact that I try to make my practice that way. I try to spend a lot of time with each patient and go over all their concerns. I guess it’s nice to know that’s reflected back to me in the review. So, that’s great. It really is all about giving the patient the outcome that they’re looking for. If they want a specific feature of their nose changed, for example, or they can’t breathe, and you help them breathe again through their nose, that’s what really matters. That’s success, is when the patient’s happy, the doctors happy. Thanks so much for trusting me, putting your faith in me to do this for you. It’s really a privilege and an honor.

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