Teenage Rhinoplasty

Teenagers are frequently interested in getting a rhinoplasty, but it can be scary for concerned parents who just want their child to be safe. Here are a few things patients and parents should know about teenage rhinoplasty in NYC. 

First, parents should know that elective rhinoplasty surgery is overall extremely safe in the modern era, and they should not worry that it is a dangerous thing to do.  However, it is important to choose the right surgeon for the procedure.  Only a board-certified facial plastic or plastic surgeon should be entrusted with your teenagers rhinoplasty surgery.  Beyond that it is preferable to see a surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty to ensure they are in the right hands. Your teenager must meet a few general criteria to be a candidate for the procedure.  They must have completed facial growth, which occurs around 15 -16 years old in girls and 16-17 years old in boys.  This can be somewhat variable as well, for example if your child is 16 but has relatively immature facial features, it would be wise to wait until you are certain facial growth is complete.  This is important because the nose contains facial growth centers that we would want to avoid disrupting with surgery. 

It is important to speak with your teenager about their reasons for wanting the procedure. 

They must have realistic goals and expectations about the procedure. This is important for any rhinoplasty or plastic surgery patient, but teenagers can have a wide range of emotional development and maturity.  For example, I would discourage anyone from undergoing a teenage rhinoplasty for reasons such as gaining popularity or some other perceived social benefit.  Rhinoplasty in teenagers does have several well-documented benefits, from improvement in nasal breathing to improved self-confidence and enhanced self-esteem, and the importance of these benefits should not be overlooked.

Finally, rhinoplasty in a teenager should be performed in a way that is built to last forever, meaning it should not excessively shrink the nose or weaken it.  It should also be as natural as possible. It is important to stay away from the “fad” looks sported by celebrities or social media influencers, which frequently lead to young patients requesting very dramatically narrowed noses and other requests that will undoubtedly lead to problems later.

Getting a teenage rhinoplasty procedure (nose job) is one of the top ways to enhance your appearance and feel more confident.

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