Revision rhinoplasty, also known as secondary rhinoplasty, is a complex procedure to correct aesthetic or breathing problems with the nose after an initial surgery. Revision rhinoplasty is performed on patients who are dissatisfied with the aesthetic or functional results of the original procedure and seek additional corrective surgery. Because of its complexity, revision rhinoplasty requires the skills of a highly trained specialist. This can be a frustrating path for many patients, but it is important to know that revision rhinoplasty can be a rewarding procedure if in the right hands.


The revision rhinoplasty procedure is usually performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia. The surgery is typically performed using an open technique, allowing for greater visualization of the nasal cavity and improved precision of the operative techniques. 

In cases where reshaping is difficult, a cartilage graft from the nasal septum, ear or rib may be required.  The rib graft is probably the most powerful tool in revision rhinoplasty and Dr. Dibelius is an expert on the use of rib grafts in revision rhinoplasty.  Additional techniques that may be required include fat grafting, which allows for the healing properties of the stem cells and growth factors contained in abdominal fat to lend their restorative powers to the nose if needed.  Finally, Dr. Dibelius utilizes a number of innovative techniques to reduce postoperative infection, as this is suspected to be one of the key reasons for poor healing after an initial rhinoplasty procedure. 



Dr. Dibelius is a highly-regarded revision rhinoplasty surgeon in NYC. His practice is dedicated to rhinoplasty exclusively and he has been trained by the world’s best in the most advanced revision rhinoplasty techniques.


Beyond that, Dr. Dibelius recognizes that a revision rhinoplasty patient is different from a typical first-time or primary rhinoplasty patient. Revision rhinoplasty patients often have a lot of anxiety, both about their nose’s appearance as well as about choosing the right doctor or procedure, as in many cases the first operation did not work out as they had hoped.


Dr. Dibelius’s consultation is unique in that it is highly patient and problem-focused with a primary goal of education. He performs a thorough examination and makes it a priority to review the case from top to bottom, including any photographs, medical records, or any other items the patient wishes to review. He reviews the procedure and what may be required to fix the problem in detail so there is no confusion about what is going to be done and what the patient can expect.



Our goal for our revision rhinoplasty patients is to restore a natural appearing and functional nose, that looks aesthetically beautiful and breathes well. While it is important to remember that it is impossible to recreate an old nose or to perfectly replicate someone else’s nose, the results that are possible in a well-performed revision rhinoplasty procedure can really be truly incredible. If you have questions regarding revision rhinoplasty in NYC, please contact us.


Getting a revision rhinoplasty procedure (nose job) is one of the top ways to enhance your appearance and feel more confident. No matter your reason for needing a revision rhinoplasty, board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Dibelius, can help.