Case 04: Rhinoplasty Before and After Male Patient

 Rhinoplasty before and after male patient. Rib graft reconstructive surgery.

A male patient in his 20’s who underwent reconstructive surgery using rib graft to rebuild a collapsed nasal bridge.

Rhinoplasty Before and After Male: Why Reconstructive Rhinoplasty for Collapsed Nasal Bridge May be Necessary


If you’re a man experiencing breathing difficulties or other issues related to a collapsed nasal bridge, reconstructive rhinoplasty may be an effective solution. This surgical procedure can address both functional and cosmetic issues related to the nose, improving breathing and enhancing facial harmony.

What is a collapsed nasal bridge?

A collapsed nasal bridge can be caused by factors such as trauma, genetics, or previous nasal surgery. Reconstructive rhinoplasty can provide additional support to the nasal structure, restoring its appearance and improving breathing, reducing snoring, and even preventing sleep apnea.

Rhinoplasty in New York City

At Manhattan Rhinoplasty, we offer reconstructive rhinoplasty procedures to address a variety of nasal issues. Our experienced plastic surgeons use modern techniques and technology to achieve natural-looking results that meet the unique needs and goals of our patients. 

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