Case 02: Rhinoplasty Before and After Female Patient

Profile straightening with elevation and rotation. Rhinoplasty Before and After Female Patient Gallery.

This woman in her 20’s presented for dorsal hump correction and hanging nasal tip.  Primary rhinoplasty surgery achieved a nice, natural improvement in the nasal profile.  Postop photos at 6 and 9 months after surgical correction.


Rhinoplasty, commonly known as a nose job, is a cosmetic surgical procedure that involves reshaping the nose. Two of the most common reasons for getting a rhinoplasty are correcting a dorsal hump and a hanging nasal tip. We will discuss the reasons why someone might consider a rhinoplasty for these two issues.


Dorsal Hump Correction:

A dorsal hump is a bump or curve on the bridge of the nose that can cause an unbalanced and unattractive facial appearance. This condition can be caused by genetics, injury, or the aging process. Rhinoplasty is an effective way to remove or reduce the dorsal hump, resulting in a smoother and more symmetrical facial profile.

Hanging Nasal Tip:

A hanging nasal tip is a condition in which the tip of the nose droops or points downward, giving the face a tired and sad appearance. This condition can be caused by genetics, aging, or injury. A rhinoplasty can be used to reshape and lift the nasal tip, resulting in a more youthful and refreshed appearance.

Rhinoplasty Before and After Female Patient:

Many women choose to undergo rhinoplasty to improve their facial appearance and boost their confidence. With the help of a skilled plastic surgeon, rhinoplasty can correct a variety of nasal issues, including dorsal hump correction and hanging nasal tip.


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