Case 03: Wide Nose Rhinoplasty Before And After

Tip refinement, rotation & breathing improvement. Wide Nose Rhinoplasty before and after photos female patient. 

A young woman in her 20’s with with tip refinement, tip rotation, alar base reduction, improvement of breathing 1 month after surgery


Tip refinement, tip rotation, alar base reduction, and improvement of breathing are among the most common reasons why someone might consider a rhinoplasty. We will discuss each of these reasons in detail.


Tip Refinement:

Tip refinement is a popular rhinoplasty procedure that can improve the appearance of a bulbous or droopy nasal tip. This procedure involves reshaping and refining the cartilage in the tip of the nose to create a more aesthetically pleasing shape.


Tip Rotation:

Tip rotation is a procedure that can improve the appearance of a nose that appears too long or droopy. This procedure involves rotating the tip of the nose upward to create a more youthful and balanced facial appearance.


Alar Base Reduction:

Alar base reduction is a procedure that can reduce the size of the nostrils and create a more balanced and proportional facial appearance. This procedure is often combined with other rhinoplasty procedures to create a harmonious and natural-looking result.


Improvement of Breathing:

In addition to cosmetic concerns, rhinoplasty can also improve breathing function by correcting structural issues within the nose. This can include correcting a deviated septum, reducing turbinate size, or correcting other structural abnormalities.


Wide Nose Rhinoplasty Before and After:

Wide nose rhinoplasty is a procedure that can reduce the width of the nose and create a more balanced and proportional facial appearance. With the help of a skilled plastic surgeon, patients can achieve a more aesthetically pleasing and functional nose.


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