with Dr. Dibelius

If you’re thinking about getting rhinoplasty in the bustling city of NYC, we understand that this is a significant decision.

Rhinoplasty is a big deal, and you may be considering traveling to find a trusted surgeon who can provide you with the best results and care. NYC is not only a top destination for surgery but also offers a unique experience beyond the procedure.

Your Comprehensive Guide

At Rhinoplasty Manhattan, we are dedicated to providing personalized and expert care. Dr. Dibelius is recognized as one of the leading rhinoplasty surgeons in NYC, committed to delivering world-class service to his patients. To learn more about him, click here.

We know that traveling for surgery can be stressful, especially to a new or unfamiliar city.  We are here to support you throughout the process to ensure a smooth experience. Here is an overview of what you need to know about the out-of-town rhinoplasty process and how to make the most of your journey:

  1. Travel Duration: Plan for a minimum 10-day stay in NYC, which includes a pre-operative assessment, the procedure itself, and the initial post-operative appointment. We recommend scheduling a 14-day stay for added flexibility and to accommodate any minor adjustments.  Typically, the day before the procedure you will meet with Dr. Dibelius to do an in-person assessment and examination of your nose with preoperative photography. This is extremely important and is a mandatory part of the out-of-town rhinoplasty process.


  2. Virtual Consultation: Your journey starts with a comprehensive 60-minute virtual consultation with Dr. Dibelius. During this session, he will carefully assess your case. To prepare, please email photos of your nose from various angles, along with your insurance information, to Providing detailed photos will help us provide a more accurate assessment. For those considering revision rhinoplasty, sharing both before and after photos, along with any available operative reports from your previous surgeon, can be immensely beneficial.


  3. Procedure, Booking, and Payment: After the consultation, you will receive a price quote for the procedure*, which is based on expected length and difficulty of the case. Once you decide to move forward, a deposit is required to secure your surgery date.  It is advisable for out-of-town patients to plan for their procedure months in advance to allow for proper scheduling and the additional planning of travel.


  4. Medical Clearance: You may need to obtain medical clearance from your Primary Care Physician (PCP) to ensure your safety during surgery with general anesthesia.  In cases where this is requested, it is usually mandatory. We can assist you with obtaining this information if needed.


  5. Escort Requirement: IMPORTANT: New York law requires you to have someone accompany you back to your hotel or accommodation after the procedure. If you don’t have a companion, please inform us as soon as possible so we can help you find a solution. Please provide your accommodation address at least three weeks before your procedure.


  6. Ongoing Support: Throughout your 14-day stay, our team is available to address any concerns or questions. Staying in touch with us is crucial to ensure a smooth process.


  7. Accommodations: While you are responsible for booking your own accommodation, we are happy to provide recommendations to help you find a suitable place to stay.

We exclusively partner with top-rated and fully accredited surgery centers in hospitals in New York City, and we place a premium on a safe, successful outcome and an enjoyable experience.

*price quotes cannot be guaranteed and are subject to change