In this video, Dr. Dibelius partners with RealSelf to answer questions about rhinoplasty and how to tell if a patient is a good candidate for the procedure. The goal of each consultation is to help patients have a better understanding of whether rhinoplasty can help them achieve their goals and how to approach the decision-making process with confidence.

In this video, Dr. Dibelius discusses rhinoplasty in NYC with talk show host Donna Drake.  It was quite an honor to speak about our favorite topic with Donna and her audience.  This interview aired on WLNY/CBS in the NYC metro region.

The Dr. Dibelius Difference

Meet the Doctor.  At Gregory S. Dibelius, MD, we believe in our fresh and innovative approach to rhinoplasty surgery that combines expertise with approachability, thoroughness, and a boutique experience to help our patients achieve outstanding results.  Come meet the doctor and find out what makes our practice the best rhinoplasty practice in NYC.

Transforming Lives: Meet the Rhinoplasty Surgeon | Expert Nose Reshaping Podcast

Meet Dr. Gregory Dibelius, the expert rhinoplasty surgeon transforming lives. In this podcast, hosted by Eva Sheie, delve into his specialized training, personalized approach, and the art of natural outcomes. Explore the world of nose reshaping and discover the transformative power of rhinoplasty. Join ‘Meet The Doctor’ and embark on a journey with Dr. Gregory Dibelius.