How to fix a bad nose job?

Millions of people each year tune in to plastic surgery TV shows centered on fixing “botched” prior cosmetic surgery.  Maybe it is a matter of national morbid curiosity, or maybe the stories are really just that compelling.  Regardless, many patients wonder about how to fix a bad nose job, either their own, their friend’s, or just out of genuine inquisitiveness inspired by watching medical reality television. 

First of all, what is a bad nose job?  In my view there are two basic parameters that define what is a good nose job vs a bad nose job.  These are 1) aesthetics and 2) function or nasal breathing.  In the first case, aesthetics can inevitably be somewhat subjective.  But as surgeons we use generally accepted guidelines to define nasal aesthetics, and there are certainly some outcomes that are objectively “bad” when they grossly deviate from these standards.  However, sometimes the patient and surgeon have different views on aesthetics in terms of what is good and what is bad.  These differences can lead to disappointment and frustration, so it is best to sort these out before the commitment to have surgery is even made.  In my practice, I use state-of-the-art digital imaging procedures to help establish our aesthetic goals and preferences ahead of time, and it is my most valuable communication tool.  A “bad” functional outcome is a bit more objective.  If the patient breathes worse than before, then that is objectively a bad outcome. 

how to fix a bad nose job in Manhattan NYC

So how to fix a bad nose job?  If you are unhappy with previous rhinoplasty work because of either aesthetic or functional reasons, the first thing to do is discuss this with the surgeon who performed the operation.  There are a lot of good reasons to do this. This surgeon will have the best idea of what possibly went wrong during the first operation, having performed the surgery personally, or what could have changed during the healing period to lead to the undesired outcome. A red flag is a surgeon who seems likely to blow you off if any problems or issue arise.  Most surgeons I know are very committed to their work and to their patients and want everyone to do well.  Because of this, they are willing to do whatever is necessary to get you to a good outcome both aesthetically and functionally.

Sometimes it is not so simple to fix a bad nose job.  In these cases, the surgeon may refer you to an expert in revision rhinoplasty.  There are many advanced techniques out there practiced by specialists, and it may make sense to consult with one or more of these surgeons. 

If you have been wondering how to fix a bad nose job, this is likely a stressful and anxiety-provoking time for you.  One of the most important aspects of choosing a surgeon is trusting them to not only successfully treat the problem physically, but also to exhibit compassion and good communication throughout the experience.  It is hard to go through the revision rhinoplasty process, but it is also important to know that good outcomes are often very possible. 

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