Anti-Aging Rhinoplasty

Many patients today wonder if they are too old for rhinoplasty, and whether their nasal aesthetic or functional problems can’t be improved simply because of their age.  In the modern era patients are living healthy at older ages and enjoying excellent benefits from all kinds of elective procedures, including rhinoplasty surgeries. 


Aging naturally affects the nose just as with other tissues and structures of the face.  Skin loosens and sags and becomes thinner. The tip of the nose itself tends to droop down, causing loss of rotation and projection.  In some cases, the drooping or “ptotic” nasal changes actually lead to the development of nasal obstruction which is a major reason patients seek out rhinoplasty at an older age.  Additionally, many patients in their 60’s and 70’s feel much younger and seek to have their facial features match the age they feel and their energy level.  All of these are legitimate reasons to seek out rhinoplasty later in life. 

Anti-aging rhinoplasty suregon nyc
anti-aging rhinoplasty

Candidates for Anti-Aging Rhinoplasty

Good candidates for anti-aging rhinoplasty are in good health for general anesthesia and elective surgery.  It is common to have some medical issues at this point in life, however with good primary and specialist care these conditions are often very well controlled.  As always, it is important to take some time to think about the real reasons for seeking rhinoplasty surgery and make sure it is for the right reasons.  In many cases of anti-aging rhinoplasty, patients have developed emotional maturity and are confident in knowing what they want, and no longer seek external validation or approval (one of the many benefits of aging!).  The surgeon should look for changes in the skin, in particular thinning over the bridge, which may make rhinoplasty potentially more challenging.  Finally, a thorough physical exam should be performed, as the nose is a sun-exposed area and can be susceptible to the development of skin cancers or precancerous lesions that would require treatment. 

Despite popular wisdom, older rhinoplasty patients can actually be great candidates for rhinoplasty in NYC. No matter what your reasons for seeking aging rhinoplasty in NYC, board-certified facial plastic surgeon

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