"In rhinoplasty there is no separation of form from function - a beautiful nose should always breathe beautifully"
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A Leading Expert in Rhinoplasty Surgery
Discover what makes Dr. Dibelius one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in NYC
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Sought after expertise of NYC's Top Rhinoplasty Surgeon
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"In rhinoplasty there is no separation of form from function - a beautiful nose should always breathe beautifully"
View Our Before & After Gallery
A Leading Expert in Rhinoplasty Surgery
Discover what makes Dr. Dibelius one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in NYC
About Us
Sought after expertise of NYC's Top Rhinoplasty Surgeon
Meet the Doctor
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Realizing your personal aesthetic vision is a vital part of self-love, and enhancing life’s journey. Dr. Dibelius is widely-regarded as being among New York’s finest facial plastic surgeons, known for his impeccable surgical techniques and stunning outcomes. Discerning patients who demand superior results choose  Rhinoplasty Manhattan and Dr. Dibelius for his talent, artistry, and dedication to the practice of facial plastic surgery.


One-on-one phone call pre-consultation. Get preliminary advice from Dr. Dibelius and ask questions that may arise from pre-surgery to post-surgery follow up. Take advantage of a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation with Dr. Dibelius.


At Rhinoplasty Manhattan, we set out to make our rhinoplasty consultation experience stand out from the often frustrating world of the 5-minute doctor visit. Every effort is made to ensure that our patients make well-informed choices and achieve the best results possible, all within a comfortable and confidential setting. 

The core of Dr. Dibelius’s practice is meticulous attention to detail. Your consultation is an in-depth evaluation for surgery with a thorough discussion of issues specific to your case.  Dr. Dibelius believes that there is truly no substitute for a thorough consultation.  We believe this philosophy makes us consistently considered one of the best rhinolplasty surgeons in NYC.

State of the art digital photography and computer imaging techniques are used to enhance communication about goals and expectations of surgery. A portfolio of work is available for viewing during your consultation at Rhinoplasty Manhattan.

Come experience the Dr. Dibelius difference for yourself.  No matter what your rhinoplasty needs, board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Dibelius can help.

Manhattan Facial Plastic Surgery




Dr. Dibelius earned his undergraduate degree at Amherst College in Massachusetts. He then studied medicine at the State University of New York Downstate Medical College in Brooklyn, NY, graduating at the top of his class with highest honors and junior AOA distinction. Dr. Dibelius was then selected to an elite group of surgeons in the United States to complete a fellowship with the American Academy of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS). He was further selected to study at the University of Illinois – Chicago with Dr. Dean Toriumi, who is widely considered one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in the world. This highly sought-after position provided Dr. Dibelius with exposure to some of the most advanced techniques in modern rhinoplasty surgery as well as to some of the most complex cases referred from across the globe.


The primary focus of Dr. Dibelius’s practice is helping patients obtain an aesthetically beautiful, anatomically functional nose using advanced surgical techniques. Dr. Dibelius takes on a wide variety of cases, from those who are having their first “nose job” to those who have had severe nasal trauma, cancer resections, “botched” cosmetic surgeries, and major breathing issues. He also has specialized training in so-called “augmentation rhinoplasty” – or building up the bridge of the nose, which is a common goal for Asian and African-American patients. Dr. Dibelius is proficient at rib grafting through a minimal incision, which allows him to take on cases considered too complex by many rhinoplasty surgeons.

Results that are natural. elegant. beautiful.

Dr. Gregory Dibelius is an exceptional surgeon who undoubtedly saved my life. Unlike many other surgeons, he took my concerns and questions about surgical techniques and anxiety related to revision rhinoplasty seriously. From our initial consultation and throughout subsequent follow-ups, Dr. Dibelius displayed exceptional care and confidence. He dedicated ample time to thoroughly address all my inquiries, providing unwavering assurance. My journey with Dr. Dibelius began when I was emotionally struggling after a previous septorhinoplasty performed by another doctor. The procedure aimed to address severe breathing difficulties resulting from sports injuries and assault to the nose. However, the outcome left me feeling like my ethnic identity was erased and my nose was botched. The previous surgeon dismissed my worries and denied the evident outcome, offering a revision with ear cartilage as a remedy. Nevertheless, after experiencing an unusually lengthy surgery of almost 7 hours, followed by an extended duration of facial swelling (9 months), 7 months of bleeding, a hematoma, synechia, over-resection of the dorsum that resulted in a saddle nose deformity, an over-rotated tip, and other issues like asymmetrical alars and an exposed nostril, I wasn't taking any chances. The aftermath of that traumatic experience led me to isolate myself from society. I closed my social media accounts, shifted to remote work, and haven't seen friends in over a year. It was a deeply devastating and traumatic period. However, my life took a positive turn when I discovered Dr. Dibelius. His approach to patient care is unparalleled. He invests his time to ensure that his patients understand the process, the complexities, and the reality of their situation. Moreover, he possesses an artist's touch. How he meticulously works on his clients' noses to restore their confidence is truly remarkable. His training under the esteemed Dr. Dean Toriumi is evident in his work, which is characterized by a sense of realism and harmony, individually tailored to each person's face. Unlike other doctors who may aim for a manufactured look akin to anime characters, Dr. Dibelius focuses on achieving genuine, natural results. I am currently just under two weeks post-op from my revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Dibelius, and the difference between my previous surgery and this one is nothing short of drastic. Last year, after my previous surgery, my face appeared swollen as if I had undergone a face transplant and rhinoplasty simultaneously, though that wasn't even the case. However, this time around, there is minimal swelling of the face! The contrast is like night and day, and there is minimal bleeding and no signs of bruising; Dr. Dibelius performed a miracle. I had high expectations for the results, but what truly amazed me was the incredibly short downtime, even though I had a rib graft. The entire duration of both procedures was less than 5 hours, showcasing Dr. Dibelius's exceptional precision and expertise. His skillful finesse in performing the procedure resulted in a flawless restoration of my original nose. I’ve consulted with dozens of double board certified specialists (literally had an excel spreadsheet dictated to this decision) but I couldn't be happier with my decision to choose Dr. Dibelius for my revision rhinoplasty. For anyone considering a primary or especially a revision rhinoplasty, stumbling upon Dr. Dibelius would be an incredible stroke of luck. He is super specialized in both functional and cosmetic rhinoplasty, focusing exclusively on noses, and stands out as a true gem in the field of surgery.
Keran Mohammad
Dr D has done a fantastic job and I am extremely happy with my results. My sinus has cleared and I am finally able to feel comfortable with my nose and breathing. Now I able to breathe clearly without post nasal dripping or sinus issues ! He is very helpful and will answer all of you're questions before the procedure. His team is great as well and checked in with me before and after the procedure. One hundred percent recommend Dr D to anyone that is looking to do a procedure and receiving only the best results hands down.
Amazing doctor! He is very attentive, sincere, knowledgeable, and talented - after my surgery I was so impressed with the changes - they were subtle but made such a difference, pretty much exactly what I envisioned beforehand. At the first consultation I knew I would go with Dr. Dibelius because he answered my millions of questions without rushing, I sat there for probably 45 minutes or an hour. I cancelled my other consultations I made with other surgeons after I left, because I knew I wanted to proceed and felt confident in his abilities. After the procedure he was very quick to respond anytime I texted random questions, and the healing process has been very easy - almost no swelling or bruising at all. I had a great experience, and highly recommend Dr. Dibelius!
Tasnim E Ferdaous
I had a great experience with my septoplasty and turbinate reduction surgery thanks to Dr. Dibelius. The procedure was done with great skill and care and the recovery was smooth and uncomplicated. I was able to resume normal activities within a week and the results are life changing. The nasal congestion and difficulty breathing I've experienced all my life has been finally been resolved. From my initial consultation to my post-operative follow-up appointments, Dr. Dibelius and his team made me feel at ease and well taken care of. They took the time to explain the procedure, recovery process, and post-operative care in a way that I could understand and addressed all of my concerns. I would highly recommend him.
Victor Gomez
This doctor is amazing! I'm 3 weeks post op and I could not be happier with the outcome of my procedure. I went in for a septoplasty and nasal reduction to which he did an exceptional job at. He took his time addressing any and every concern I have both in person and email. His work is natural, elegant, and high quality. Go to a specialist like Dr Dibelius who knows his craft.
Angela Corker
Dr Dibelius is a great doctor. Spends the time and attention needed too get excellent results. I would highly recommend him to others.
David Barayev
This surgeon is highly skilled and got me the results i was looking for. He was very specific in detail on the reconstruction of my nose and will highly recommend him to others!
Ashley T
Dr. Dibelius is amazing! I went to him because of my breathing issues and he tried everything to help me, he was extremely attentive. I went along with the septoplasty, and everything went extremely well. Once my cast was removed, I was able to breathe perfectly fine, and the breathing issues I previously had, diminished. Not only was the issue resolved, but I was also left with a beautiful natural nose. Throughout my recovery, Dr. Dibelius responded quickly to all of my emails about any questions that I had, as well as saw me in person. I’m almost 2 weeks post-op and have never felt better!
Adam Sayih
After severely breaking my nose, I visited Dr. Dibelius for a consultation. He was extremely knowledgeable, professional, and attentive. I was able to quickly book a surgery through his office and am amazed with the results. My nose looks perfect, as if it was never broken. I couldn’t be any happier with my experience and results with Dr. Dibelius.
I doubted for years whether or not to undergo another septoplasty, but since I had continuous breathing issues (along with nose appearance deformities like saddle nose and a visible hump), I finally decided to proceed with a revision septoplasty. Due to lack of cartilage from previous surgery, a rib graft was taken during this septoplasty. I had seen over five ENTs and plastic surgeons and ultimately decided to go with Doctor Dibelius after talking with him and going over his credentials. I will not regret this surgery (unlike my first septoplasty). Doctor Dibelius did a fantastic job; he not only addressed my breathing issues but also made a natural looking appearance of my nose. I breathe normally now and am happy with the shape of my nose. During my visits and before the surgery, Doctor Dibelius listened patiently and answered my questions in detail as much as possible. That helped me better understand my nasal issues and make informed decisions about the surgery and overall care of my nose. Doctor Dibelius also followed up regularly after the surgery, which is very important but I doubt if other doctors would be willing to have multiple follow-ups. I think he is a very good surgeon and will recommend others looking for septoplasty / rhinoplasty or revision with rib graft.
"Thank you so much for the excellent care you provided to me when I fell and broke my nose in 3 places. It was a traumatic experience for me until you began treating me. You were so kind, knowledgeable and reassuring that I was comfortable placing complete confidence in you."
"My experience with Dr. Dibelius has been unparalleled to any other experience with a doctor. His dedication to his patients and work ethic are above and beyond. I would highly recommend him to anyone."
"AMAZING! He is so knowledgeable and knows what he is doing! He has completely changed my life! I can finally breathe thanks to him! 2 years of sinus infections and countless doctors couldn’t fix.. he did! He’s amazing!!"
"I recommend Dr. Dibelius wholeheartedly to anyone that reads this. He is a Doctor that is knowledgeable, patient, and generous with his time to go over any questions you may have. As a surgeon, he is well skilled in his craft."
"From my initial visit with Dr. Dibelius, I was comfortable and at ease. He was friendly and compassionate. Not once did he interrupt my questions and managed to satisfactorily answer all of my concerns. He was truly interested in the precise and complete correction of a very complex problem involving my nose..."

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